• Application for admission to the Hostel must be made in the prescribed form. Admissions are made in the prescribed form. Admissions are made subject to the approval of the Director.
  • Before admission, each student has to pay hostel fees, which may be revised from time to time.
  • Students admitted to the hostel shall be full boarders of the hostel.


  • Discipline in the hostel will be under the control of the Warden, Deputy Warden and security/Guard.
  • Ragging in all its forms is banned as it is treated as a cognizable offence. Any resident found guilty of ragging will be dismissed from hostel and campus. Further, legal action will be taken against the defaulters.
  • If any ragging incidents occur to the residents, they are informed to bring the ragging incident into the knowledge of Warden/ Dy. Warden or Security/ Guard for further action.
  • Residents are strictly warned of the serious and cognizable offence of being in possession of liquor or drinks or being found under their influence. Such residents will be expelled from hostel.
  • Shouting loudly, whistling, playing in verandahs, playing music systems loudly, affixing posters, photographs, wall paper, indecent posters etc., on walls and glass panels, use of objectionable language are strictly prohibited.
  • Members shall not interfere with the work of the hostel staff and cases of misconduct, if any, should only be brought to the notice of the warden for appropriate action.
  • Residents shall not slay outside after the hostel timing except in emergency (informed to the hostel authority). Residents shall not remain in the Hostel during class hours and at other times when their presence is expected in the Institution, except with the permission of the Warden.
  • Audio system, computer and other electrical appliances shall be used only with the prior permission of the Warden. Terms and conditions for the use of such appliances will be stipulated from time to time.
  • Students whose named removed from Institution Rolls shall by that very fact forfeit the hostel membership and must vacate the room.
  • Students, who have vacated/ expelled from the hostel due to disciplinary action, will not be provided chance once again.
  • Residents should register their attendance in the Inward-Outward register kept in their block for their movement and attendance. If anyone is found not staying in hostel without permission, action will be taken against them.
  • All residents shall return to the Hostel premises before 8.00 pm. All the girl students shall return to their hostel premises before 6.30 pm. provided if permission granted for going outside.
  • If a residents is not available in a room continuously for 24 hrs without any information to the room-mates, it is the responsibility of the roommate to inform the same to Warden / Dy. Warden/ Security/ Guard for further action.
  • Any matter not covered by the above rules shall be decided by the warden.
  • The warden is vested with powers to expel a student from the hostel if his/her presence is considered detrimental to the discipline of the hostel.


  • Mess charges will be based on the Hostel committee dividing system.
  • The residents shall share the amenities charges like, expenses incurred towards Newspapers, Magazines, Cable T.V., Electricity and water charges. This may be decided from time to time by the warden.
  • Residents shall have their food only in the respective messes allotted to them and they must adhere to the prescribed timings of the mess. Fine will be levied against those who waste food.
  • Whenever a resident is away from the hostel on valid reason for a period exceeding five days, reduction in mess charges will be given only for the number of days minus of two days (n-2), provided an application for well in advance.
  • It is not possible to provide mess reduction when a resident has not applied mess reduction in advance. Though who leave hostel in case of emergency should inform their absence by themselves or parents through phone to hostel information service so that mess supplier will apply mess reduction to the sick residents. After the arrival, copy of medical certificates and college leave application form should be submitted.
  • All the students should report to hostel on reopening date, otherwise their room will be allotted to other eligible students.
  • Residents should not bring any food from outside other than approved Supplier food in the allotted time.


  • Break Fast 9.00 am to 9.30 am
  • Lunch 1.10 pm to 1.40 pm
  • Dinner 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm (winter) 8.00 pm to 9.00 pm (Summer)


  • All the Residents should return to the hostel on the date or one day before reopening of the Institute.
  • No person other than those admitted as residents of the hostel may stay in the hostel premises
  • A student shall not occupy a room without allotment. Resident shall neither transfer nor exchange their rooms with other resident.
  • Residents shall not sleep in other’s rooms.
  • Any one falling sick is advised to inform the same to security so that necessary action shall be taken by Deputy Warden / Resident Tutor / Matron. Residents resorting to treatment elsewhere without the knowledge of the Warden / Deputy Warden / Resident Tutor/ Security, do so at their own risk.
  • The hostel authorities cannot be held responsible for any loss or theft of the belongings of the residents. The residents must make their own arrangements for safe custody of the same.
  • Day Scholars are not permitted inside the Hostel. Action will be taken against the residents who encourage and permit the day scholar to stay in their room.
  • Day scholars are permitted for valid reasons by producing their institute identity card to the security guard during day time and with written permission obtained from Warden / Dy. Warden/ Resident Tutors.
  • Residents are expected to be dressed decently.
  • After final examination/ viva voce, residents should leave the hostel immediately.
  • Residents are not allowed to do any kind of business inside the hostel.
  • Residents should register their computers/other electrical appliances when they bring inside the hostel every semester.
  • Computers should be used only for academic purpose. If found they are being used for other than academic purpose, their registration will be cancelled and cannot access the computer lab.
  • Cases of contagious disease shall immediately be reported to Warden/ Dy. Warden/ Resident Tutor/ Matron to take preventive measures.
  • Residents who would like to stay during winter/ Summer vacation at hostel for placement and other academic activities should submit vacation stay signed by their HOD. Also resident’s parents should send a letter addressed to the warden by post stating that their ward is staying in hostel with their permission.


  • The period between 6.30 pm and 8.00 pm is declared as Study period & 10.00 to 6.00 am is declared as Silence Period in hostel. During the silence period, the light in the verandahs/ corridors of every floor shall be turned off by the residents. During this period, residents are directed not to use music systems. Do not make unnecessary noises which may disturb others who will be studying/ doing their class works.
  • After 10.00 pm residents are not permitted to go to other rooms.
  • Residents are not permitted to enter into the hostel after 6.30 pm as the class may be. However, those who have got prior permission from Warden/ Dy. Warden/ Resident Tutor/ Matron will be permitted to enter into the hostel


  • In case of emergency, residents are informed to contact Warden/ Dy. Warden/ Resident Tutors/ security guard for immediate help.


  • Residents are permitted to go home/ local guardians in case of important work. Residents shall be permitted to go home/ local guardians place after a written permission letter. The Permission letter shold be addressed to Warden and received three days in advance to the departure of the residents. In case of urgent work, residents shall go home after obtaining permission from Warden/ Dy. Warden/ Resident Tutors.
  • Residents should register their movement registration kept at the security gates.


  • Under any circumstances, girls will not be allowed to go outside the hostel after 6.30 pm.
  • Residents who want to go outside the boys hostel for urgent work beyond 8.00 pm should obtain OUTPASS from Dy. Warden/ Resident Tutor on the date of visit after 8.00 pm.


  • The furniture assigned to a room shall not be shifted from it to any other room or common room. Residents shall be responsible for the articles issued to them and shall return them in proper condition to the hostel authorities when leaving/ vacating the hostel.
  • Residents shall be responsible for due compensation in case of any loss or damage to those articles.
  • Residents should keep their room tidy and clean. They shall not dispose-off litter in the verandahs or other parts of hostel premises.
  • Civil complaints and electrical complaints of the rooms and blocks shall be entered separately in the register kept at the entrance of security table.
  • Residents should put off the electrical appliances while leaving the room.
  • Residents shall lock their rooms with a strong lock at all times for the protection of their property and that of their roommates, while no one is in the room. Residents are informed to lock their rooms even if they are not available for a few minutes.

Violation of the above rules and regulation of the hostel will lead to expulsion from the Hostel.


  • Wake up early morning at least by 6.00 am.
  • Keep your room clean.
  • Wear cleaned clothes.
  • Dress decently.
  • Keep your campus clean.
  • Do physical exercise/ yoga daily for the benefit of your health.
  • Interact with your parents regularly.
  • Lock your rooms while leaving out of the room.
  • Purchase only the enquired things for normal living in hostel.
  • Contact warden/ resident tutor in case of any emergency.
  • Flush/ pour enough water in toilet and urinals after usage.
  • Go to class regularly.
  • Keep your belongings safely in your room.
  • After 9.00 pm study or go to sleep.
  • Use hostel and sports facilities effectively.
  • Never keep empty stomach.
  • Register your movement daily in the register.
  • Follow human ethics always.
  • Go to class in time.
  • Study well and scored good marks & rank.
  • Inform any misbehaving students to Warden/ Dy. Warden/ Residents Tutor/ guard by doing this, your are helping yourself and hostel authorities.
  • Eat all three times.
  • Switch off lights, fans, computers, radios etc, while no one is using them.
  • Behave well with hostel staffs and security guards.
  • Keep your excess money in bank.
  • Check your mess bill details every month in hostel notice board.
  • Sleep in your room only.
  • Do not exchange your room with your friends.
  • Register your laptop/ computer at hostel office warden/ Dy. Warden every year freshly.
  • Report contagious disease immediately, if any.
  • Obtain leave form 2 to 3 days prior to your departure to your home.
  • Keep all the furniture’s and other items safely.


  • Do not skip breakfast.
  • Do not go out of the hostel unnecessarily.
  • Do not smoke, drink at any point of time in hostel.
  • Do not play cards in hostel.
  • Do not bring day scholars inside the hostel.
  • Do not waste food.
  • Do not use costly cell phones or camera cell phones.
  • Do not spend your parent money unnecessarily.
  • Do not chat unnecessarily with friends.
  • Do not paste posters/ stickers in walls.
  • Do not throw wastes outside the room. Put them in dustbins.
  • Do not let negative things into your mind.
  • Do not bring outside food inside the hostel.
  • Do not celebrate birthday in hostel.
  • Do not worry, be happy always.
  • Do not form any groups unnecessarily.
  • Do not use explode fire crackers in the hostel.
  • Do not make noise.
  • Do not involve in ragging.
  • Do not possess powered vehicles.

Do not keep more money in room. Do not posses speakers for music systems. Use ear phones.