Diploma-Handloom And Textile Technology (Full Time-3 Years)

Admission Details

Diploma in Handloom and Textile Technology

1)    Eligibility for Admission for Diploma in Handloom and Textile Technology

Educational Qualifications:-

1. Eligibility Criteria

  • Educational Qualification: To be eligible for admission to first year of Diploma course in Handloom and Textile Technology, the candidate should have passed 10th Standard or any equivalent examination with English as a subject of study.
  • Age Limit: The age for admission of a candidate should be between 15 and 23 years and for SC/ST Candidates, it should be between 15 and 25 years as on 16 July of Academic Year.

2. Reservation

Minimum 20% of the total seats allotted to the State are reserved for candidates belonging to Weavers’ Community and Shortfall will be met out from the candidates other than Weavers’ Community.

So far as reservation of seats for SC/ST is concerned, the respective States will continue to follow their reservation policy.

NOTE:- CBSE and other boards have introduced the system of grading in 10th Examination. As such candidate must endorse the proof of details of marks from CBSE/Boards with their application form to enable the Selection Committee to prepare merit list which is prepared on the basis of marks secured in 10th Class examination only.

AGE LIMIT:- The age limit for admission to first year of Diploma Course in Handlooms & Textile Technology for all the categories except SC/ST should be between 15-23 years and for SC/ST candidates it should be between 15-25 year as on 16-July of the admission year.


The respective State Governments will follow their reservation policies for SC/ST/OBC etc. In addition to above, minimum 20% of the total seats allotted to the states are reserved for candidates belonging to Weavers Community. Shortfall if any will be met out from the candidates other than weaver’s community.

Duration of Course:-

Three Years (Following the semester patterns such as semester I, II, III, IV, V & VI), however maximum duration for completion of Diploma course is five years

2) Eligibility for Admission for Diploma in Handloom and Textile Technology (Lateral Entry)

  1. Education Qualification:-

To be eligible for admission to Second Year of Diploma Course in Handloom & Textile Technology, the candidate should have

  • Passed 10 + 2 examination with Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry or
  • Should have passed 10 + 2 examination in vocational stream of any textile discipline (Candidates with eligibility of 10+2 in vocational stream of textile discipline shall undergo bridge course in Math, Physics, Chemistry conducted by IIHT.) OR
  • 10th Pass + ITI (2 Years). or
  • 10+2Pass + ITI (2 Years)
  1. Age Limit:-

The age for admission of a candidate should be between 17 and 25 years and for SC/ST candidates it should be between 17 and 27 years as on 16th July of Academic Year.

Admission Process for Diploma in Handloom and Textile Technology:-

  • The process of admission is initiated by sending an intimation letter to State Government along with Eligibility Criteria and Application format for advertisement in media for sponsoring the candidate. Intimation is sent to State Govt. for initiating admission process in the month of March, generally in the last week.
  • Advertisement inviting application from the potential candidates is issued in various editions of two or more leading newspapers of which one should be of regional language, other mode of wider publicity – by the State Government.
  • On receipt of applications from the candidates, the state government prepares and finalizes the merit list subject to satisfying the qualifying standard and other eligibility conditions and depending on state reservation policy. Director Institute or his representative is a member in the committee constituted by the State Government for preparation/ finalization of merit lists. The merit list so prepared is forwarded to Director, Institute.
  • On receipt of the Merit List along with the applications of the candidates from the State Government, it is examined and verified in terms of Eligibility Criteria by Director/Head of Office of the institute.
  • The Letter for counselling is issued in order of merit to the candidates (in a ratio 1:3) giving them a time period of approximately 10 – 15 days for reporting for counselling.

Medium of Instruction:-

English will be the medium of the instruction and also the medium of the examination in all subjects.


Each student admitted into the course will be paid stipend of Rs.1250/-per month in the First Year, Second Year and Third Year of the course by the central Government. An equal amount of stipend i.e. Rs.1250/-per month in the First Year, Second Year and Third Year will be paid by the respective State Government also during the course. Share of stipend from the State Government will be paid directly in the account of students after receiving the letter from this Institute thereby giving the details of exact amount of central share paid to them by this Institute.

The stipend will be paid in a month subject to fulfilment of the attendance norms i.e., 80% and above. The student with more than 01(one) failed paper in previous semester shall not be eligible for getting the stipend.;

  • The student will be eligible for grant of stipend for the duration of the session when he/she attends classes, save for periods of vacation exceeding 30 days at a time or long periods of absence except on medical grounds.
  • The student will be eligible for stipend only when he/she has put in minimum 80% of attendance.
  • The stipend will be disbursed to the students subject to the condition that an affidavit in the prescribed form is executed by the student (aged 18 years and above) and by their parents for the students (below 18 years of age) and presented to the Office at the time of admission.
  • The State Share of the stipend i.e. 50% of the above will be paid only after receipt of the same from the concerned State Government.
  • The student has to open a saving bank account in his name for remittance of stipend amount, security deposit, mess deposit etc.


  • Every student shall attend all classes punctually.
  • Attendance will be taken for every period. The minimum attendance in each lecture and practical classes in each subject is 75%. A student shall not be admitted to the examination his/her attendance falls short of 75% of the working days during the course.
  • Students shall maintain absolute silence and order in the Institute at all times. He/she should not loiter in the campus during the study hours.
  • Loitering in the campus during the study hours and unauthorized absence from the classes after giving the attendance shall call for strict disciplinary action, which may be in the shape of fine or suspension from the institute.
  • Examinations: The Institute conducts semester examination as per BOAA Approved Examination Calendar. There are practical and theory examination as per semester.
  • Students’ Recreation Club: The Student’s Recreation Club is farmed every year at the commencement of the academic session, which apart from celebrating the occasions like Independence Day, Saraswati Puja and Republic Day etc. arranges lectures, debates and other literary/cultural activities for the benefit of the students. Membership to this club is mandatory. A subscription of Rs. 2000/- per annum is collected at the time of admission.
  • Hostel: The Institute has separate hostel for both boys and girls having limited numbers of seats. Students requiring hostel should intimate the Director well in advance. A committee that may be constituted by the Director for the purpose will do the selection for admission to the hostel. The detailed rules and regulations for the hostel will be given to the inmates at the time of admission.
  • Study Tours: Study Tours are arranged for the students during the second year of the diploma course to visit various textile mills, handloom-manufacturing units and processing plants. No exemption from undertaking these educational tours will be granted and the absence will be treated as absence from the regular classes. The cost of the tours will have to be met by the students themselves. The Government will reimburse a small part of the expenditure.
  • General Conduct of the Students: Any student may be sent out, dismissed or debarred from attending classes in the institute temporarily or permanently if in the judgment of Director, the candidate is considered to have committed any act of in-discipline or misbehaviors such as Disobedience of orders, absence without leave, in subordination or disrespect.
    Full discretion rests with the Director to remove any student from the rolls of the institute who may appear unlikely to profit by training or whose progress is considered un-satisfactory. In case of such removal of a student, he/she will have to refund the entire amount of the stipend paid to him/her during his/her study in the institute.

Financial Assistance To Students

Stipend at the rate given in the table is tenable for total 10 months of the corresponding academic session which is paid to all the stipendiary candidates subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • The students will be eligible for stipend only when they have put in 80% attendance in each month. In case a student has not recorded 80% attendance in a particular month, he has to forgo the stipend for that month.
  • The students in receipt of stipend should also execute a Bond in the form prescribed format at the time of admission.

Amount of Stipend to DHTT Students

Serial Number Semister Monthly Share On Goi In Stipend (Rupees) Maximum For 10Nmonths Monthly Share Of Respective State Government As Stipend (Rupees) Maximum For 10 Months Total Monthly Stipend (Rupees)
1 DHTT First & Second Semester 1250 1250 2500
2 DHTT Third & Fourth Semester 1250 1250 2500
3 DHTT Fifth & Sixth Semester 1250 1250 2500