Governing Body consist of following which look after the all activity related to important policies in respect of academic, financial and administrative functions of all five central Indian Institute of Handloom Technology and four state Government Indian Institute of Handloom Technology

1 Development  Commissioner for Handloom Chairman
2 Director General, NIFT, New Delhi Member
3 Secretary  (Handlooms) Govt. of West Bengal Member
4 Director (Handlooms) Govt. of Tamil Nadu Member
5 Director (Handlooms) Govt. of Jharkhand Member
6 Deputy  Secretary/Director (Finance), MOT Member
7 Prof. A K Gupta, Deptt. Of Textile Technology, IIT, New Delhi Member
8 Head of Textile Technology, IIT, Delhi Member
9 Representative  of all India Council of Technical Education, New Delhi Member
10  Director, IIHT, Jodhpur Member
11  Director, IIHT,  Salem Member
12  Director, IIHT, Varanasi Member
13  Director, IIHT, Guwahati Member
14  Director, IIHT, Bargarh Member
15  Director, IIHT, Fulia Member
16  Principal, SPKM IIHT, Venkatagiri Member
17  Principal, KHTI, Gadag Member
18  Principal, IIHT, Champa Member
19  Principal, IIHT, Kannur Member
20  ADC/DDC- In-Charge of IIHTs Member Secretary